Monday, 3 January 2011

Let the Sales begin.

Does anybody else think its quite silly that the sales start straight after christmas?! I mean the sales at this time are generally on the Autumn/Winter collection and strictly speaking winter only starts on the 21st/22nd of December (depending on who you're asking) and spring starts in mid/end March. So basically you get clothes, accessories and shoes on sale that are actually not outdated in fashion terms. To me that just sounds a bit ridiculous but is obviously due to the fact that the spring clothes need to be stocked by boutiques and shops for people to buy for when spring actually arrives. Anyhoo the point is: Its SALE time!!! Which equals to time for celebration. Alexander McQueen unfortunately only accepts UK credit cards for his online shop so that obviously puts a damper on my shopping spree, but thats ok. Taryn and I are doing the same we did at the end of the summer, we are going shopping for each other in our respective home countries/cities. I am raiding all the swedish and scandinavian designers and shops we have in Hamburg for her and she is doing the same for me in Toronto (Helloooo more complex.) so basically it means "How do you do 2011?!" and "Goodbye money." but oh well. I defintitely need some new clothes so lets see what this year has in store for us. :)

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