Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hats hats hats

I have been exposed to a lot of hats lately and the concept of hats is really starting to grow on me. I always thought that those fantastic hats that Philip Tracey and his likes create are divine but just not for me. I still generally agree with that but "hats" are actually quite a wide spectrum of styles and I really needed to redefine what I had previously just all put into one big pot and called it "hats".

There are so many hats!!! There are Cloche hats, Fascinators, Phrygian caps (the type of hat that the hats of the smurfs are formed after.) the Wellington top hat, Ushanka (those russian fur hats with the ear flaps.) all sorts of military and religious hats and caps, the list literally goes on and on and on.

As part of the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show we have started to work with James Faulkner, a Milliner who uses road-kill to make beautiful hats in Edinburgh. Check out these two beautiful pieces:
Isnt it just stunning?! I have actually seen this one up close and it is just divine.
This bad boy I have not seen but James has told me about it, stating that it stand actually over a foot high and it is all crow feathers. It is a beatuy, isnt it?
It is really due to him that I am beginning to understand hats, thank you. Which is probably bad, to be honest, as it just means theres another area of fashion that I am going to have to invest in, another area to accessorise. The joys in my heart and the panicky screams of my bank account.

So I am now trying to come up with ideas for my very own first hat!! Its clearly very exciting. My main inspiration lately has been my fascination with everything to do with nature, feathers and furs and theres a couple of pictures that really spring to my mind immediately when I think about how I want my hat to look like.
Alexander McQueens 2001 Asylum Show. Angry birds of prey picking and shredding the dress.

Givenchy haute couture 1997.
Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2006.

I think its safe to say that I firstly still love the work of Alexander McQueen and secondly I like birdy feathers and wings. I was thinking of a mix between a Laurel Wreath and the Gargoyle/Stairs of Dumbledores Office in the Harry Potter Movies.

This in black/blue crow feathers/wings wrapping around the face. Well lets see how it goes.

Anyway I was doing some online "research"/wasting time I found this little gem that is called Loren Anthony James-Wood. He is like James also a Milliner, from London and the couple of pictures that I have found of his work, which is pretty close to what I have just been imagining in my head/gushing about. Check out some of the pieces.
Bird of Paradise-esque.
This one has actually been worn by Kelis on her Flesh Tone Album cover.

Aren't they just lovely? I shall get on with my quest of finding the perfect bird wing hat.

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