Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Revision at its best.

I love feathers. Then I found this Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture bad boy. It is way over the top and wearable? Probably not. But the idea behind is great, maybe Balmains Christophe Decarnin can include feather embroided shoulders next season?! Thanks. That's all.


Weak Nerves & Terrible Vanity said...

hello! love the feathers, i would wear it out! why not! lol, this is Rubina by the way, i moved (not literally, but blogger-wise lol) i hated the name of the last site! anyway! hope all goes well with revision! love xxx

Not.Gonna.Lie. said...

nooooo why did you mooooove?! And with regards to the wearing, so would I! We should make something like that for the show?! DONE. Love love xxoo