Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rick Owens and Rad Hourani.

I read about Rad Hourani first on BryanBoys blog, Bryanboy was wearing his high heeled booties and I remember googleing them and wanting a pair so so badly! I did some more research and found a couple of his runway shows online and fell in love with his slashed leather trousers (they were/are so cool!) and the general androgynic direction he was and still is heading. I know a lot of people were obsessed by his leather trousers and wasnt it pretty much a "must-have" last year?
So cool right? Probably seen this picture before but who cares?! Love.It.

I still love them even though they reject my body.
It's such a shame I wont be able to wear them though, they are cut for skeletons and I just dont have really skinny legs. Instead I have massive football-players calves (btw. clearly I dont play football.) and they just wont fit into those skinny trouser-legs, I dont know that but I am pretty convinced as recently when I was in London and I tried on some Rick Owens wedge boots and my calves, seriously, wouldnt fit into the boot shaft,  I couldnt even remotely zip them up. Hence I got the ankle-high wedges.. not that I dont love them obviously, because I do, but I do love boots. Besides my calves have been a problem of mine for quite some time so I am just going to hope for the best, stay away from skinny skinny jeans and maybe I find someone who's into "muscular" calves. Its completely beyond me but I have been told that its some sort of fetish for some people. Twisted.
 Back to Hourani though, the only thing that bothers me about him is that he is seems to be so obsessed with "skinny" people. And lets be honest here for a minute, this is a blog of truths after all, by skinny I mean anorexic. I get it people want to look skinny, whatever. At the end of the day some people are naturally thin and the majority of people are just not. They never will be and thats just the way the cookie crumbles. But I really honestly think that anorexic people are more on the hideous side things. I do. Because you can tell the different on whether someone goes to the bathroom and makes themselve sick (I know thats technically not anorexia but lets just use the term anorexia as an umbrella term for eating disorders just in this little paragraph.) or someone who's always going to be slender. Trust me I dont want to preach, do your thang but at the end of the day I love food too much and I would most likely to prefer a guy/girl thats a little bit more muscular or "bigger" to a guy/girl thats super skinny. I do just think it looks awful. I don't mean slender people per se obviously, I mean unhealthy looking skinny. Maybe it has to do with some of my closest friends from way way way back in the day have had their issues with food, I don't know. But what I know is that even though I rather like Rad Houranis designs I don't think I like his, what I percieve as his ethics. Possibly or probably I am getting it all wrong and please correct me if you know something that I don't, constructive criticism is always always always welcome!
I l.o.v.e. these boots so much. They didnt have them when I went full stop soooo I was like well fuck me I am just going to get the ones I got obsessed with in first place way way back.  Effective shopping I call that.

Coolest hoodie in, possibly, the entire world. DRKSHDW by Rick Owens. Kind of cloakey hood, eh?
Rick Owens "Wing" Leather Jacket. Ah, the love I have for this jacket.
Anypoo, Rick Owens, again similar story, read about him somewhere (can't actually remember where.) and I have been obsessed with his Wedges since last october I think. I just love the way they have a rounded off toe cap and the slightly inwardly inclined Heel. I do like his jackets as well actually, the wrap-around leather ones are rather cool, aren't they? When I did come around, wanting to buy the divine wedges it was just impossible to actually get to london and have the time to get them. So I waited waited waited and waited some more and then by chance I had time, was in london and actually remembered I wanted/needed them and bought the last pair in my size. Score. Wore them nearly everyday since, only problem is.. I can't drive in them. So being the good bunny that I am, left some driving boots in the car so I can drive and wear them out and about! Waahooooo. Skill that is I say.


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