Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Wedges. The Leggings. And I.

Just a quick one, two pictures Holly took of me when we had dinner at the Riverside Cafe in London, 'twas a absolutely lovely evening (until we were in Maggies and that coke-head-slash-bitch-from-hell started to mess with my friend. Ended up with me throwing my drink in her face including the glass mug or whatever it was. Oopsie. Oh FYI she threw her drink first thank you very much. And I know I should have taken the moral high ground but please spare me. I dont care if you're mean to me, I have pretty thick skin and can handle it, but don't mess with my best friend or family. Easy.) but even after the Maggies incident we had a laugh. Fun evening with lovely and interesting people, what more could one want, eh? Well those snake-print McQueen leggings for starters I guess..Boom.
Wearing my new Rick Owens Wedges and McQueen leggings annnnd my Jesus t-shirt! Love it, I think it looks a bit jesusey because the sleeves are big and drape down just like jesuss! ahahaha
A bit more of a close up picture of the leggings and wedges.


Not a Paper Cup said...

awesome! (the leggings AND the tights:)

Not.Gonna.Lie. said...

Dude love this!!

STARR said...

I totally feel the same way! Your wedges and leggings are stunning btw