Saturday, 11 September 2010

love Pamela Love

I first discovered Pamela Love when I saw this:
It was like nothing I'd ever seen before, and started my ring obsession. All of her pieces have such a rugged charm about them but never appear too overbearing, showing that you don't need to be covered in diamonds to have jewelry that gives lasting impressions. I love when I'm browsing in a store and pass someone wearing the giant talon cuff, raven skull necklace or whatever, it is instantly recognizable and always leaves me happy. I was having trouble pinning down the words to describe the charm they give off but found an article that describes them as looks-like-you-got-it-on-an-archeological-dig-in-Mexico jewelry, which I find the best description!

 Each one of her pieces has such an independently dark raw imagery about them that it's easy to imagine different characters finding them in some creepy old antique shop or in a dusty attic. There is also nothing overly girly about any of her pieces, which I think only helps to make outfits stand out more. Pamela Love has personally said "I try to mix the masculine and feminine as much as possible, the high and the low, the old and the new," Love confides. "Those sorts of contrasts are important. I like irony."

I personally only own the talon ring (bottom right), it was a bribe my parents offered me for doing well on exams one year, I quite honestly think this is the only reason I tried so hard but definitely worth it!
Out of the 5 rings I wear (I clearly have a problem) it is the one that is complimented the most and also the one people ask to try on the most (thankfully its stuck on pretty tight). I got my ring at Johnathan and Olivia in Toronto but I've seen the most of her line sold at Opening Ceremony in NYC xx


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Niki B. said...

I LOVE Pamela Love jewelry, especially those claw bracelets in the bottom right. They're so aggressive but sooo pretty.

x Niki
A Haute Mess
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