Friday, 3 September 2010

The Pugh.

Gareth Pugh.
Divine troubled creativity and amazing craftmanship put into one person.
He is just exactly at the point where the vibrant fun, that big fashion houses used to have but unfortunately lost, begins. Too many of them just take themselves too seriously these days.
He's fun, he likes to experiment, he's dark and he clearly has a sense of humour.
So in order to explain my little obsession with the master of fetish couture, I have put together a couple of my favourite outfits and written a little somethin' something'
tadaaaa! =)
Fall/Winter 2008: Milagros Schmoll in a Little Black Riding Hood creation. Major loveage, everything about it is just spot on. The Shoulders with hair/feathers coming off it and hanging down, the stickey outeyness of the skirt that was captured in this image which is quite gowney on closer inspection(/ would make an awesome coat.. all I'm sayin') and the tight bodice underneath. I particualry love the material Pugh has worked with here, I can't be sure what exactly it his (feathers, hair, fake fur..) whatever it is, it works. Ahh everything about this outfit is just superb. bosh.
Fall/Winter 2010: Anna Selezneva presents this littler leather cape-type wingey jacket/cape, I love how through texturing the leather and the shape the streamlineness is emphasised plus there are no obvious buttons (big +). The boots and glove beautifully make the outfit wholesome. Major loveage. 
Fall/Winter 2010: Matthew parades this flowey ensemble and I particularly LOVE the trousers, even though I am currently in a bit of a leggings phase I cannot get around loving these belle-bottom-esque-to-the-max slacks. In the runway video one can see them swaying about and it is just absolutely stunning to watch and must be incredible to wear, mind you, you would have to be 6 feet tall and skinny but oh well what can one do right? =) ps. the combination with the tight jacket again is just very flattering and makes Matthew look positively statuesque.
Spring/Summer 2009: Naty Chabanenko struts her stuff in this white and black (on the back) full body get up. Major loveage is directed at the arms and shoulders on this bad girl. The android/mail-esque parts are just so intersting and I mean interesting in the most positive way!
Spring/Summer 2007: Maria Stolbova performs in this very fetish inspired costume. I just like. There are so many things right with this outfit, from the mask that covers the models face to the hair to the amazingly inflated collar and coat arms, plus that tiny littler silvery meshey something she is wearing is definitely worth a second glance.
Spring/ Summer 2010: Karlie Kloss sashays in this beautiful dress, the figure hugging top part leaves little to the imagination and with horizontal stripes like that can truly only be worn by the brave and skinny (or just brave.....). The swayey bottom part of the dress makes it even more desirable in my oppinion as it just perfectly evens out the proportions and makes it look more wholesome. Plus, give me a Valkyrie inspired feather-esque headgear and I am yours forever more. Done. Bam. Love.

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