Sunday, 5 September 2010

Priscilla!!! Ahhh hail the Queen of the Desert!

My dear friend Natasha took me to see Priscialla Queen of the Desert - The Musical a week ago for my birthday and it was just above and beyond. I mean I saw the posters around London and I have kind of seen the movie its based on in parts but I didn't really know what to except for a lot of glitter and fabulousness. But saying that, "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar", which I absolutely LOVED, was based on Priscilla so I guess I was hoping it was going to be something along the lines of that.

And man were we in for a ride or what. It was plain and simple the funnest and most colourful Musical I have ever had the honour of watching. The music included disco classics such as the very obvious I Will Survive by the glorious Gloria Gaynor amongst many of the finest, campest and catchiest songs out there from back then (Downtown, I Say A Little Prayer, Go West, Venus, Hot Stuff, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and so on and so forth). Ahh I just had the best time, everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves and clapping gayly along, but its self-explanatory that there are always some that take it a step too far. Like the lovely family sitting right behind us that practically shouted (yet still claimed it was singing, what they were doing..) along most of the songs. But you know what?
I'm glad they did it! I might have even joined in, on a couple of particularly sing-alongey numbers. The whole show clearly doesnt take itself very seriously, which is refreshing and there's hilarity in the form of innuendos all over the place and I really mean ALL over the place. Its quite kinky and filthy in parts, which I loved, yet at the same time I or in particular Tashs mum were semi-worried for the many children in the audience but that just kind of added to the whole humour of the show, and  let me just say, the show is hilarious.
The three protagonists, plus the "thong" outfit on the right andddd check out their wigs?! LoveAge.

Lets get to the good stuff though, the costumes!!! I was literally gobsmacked for the most part (and no, not just because of the incredibly good looking and nearly naked performers thank you very much.) it must have been a Costumes Designers dream come true/wet dream, as there's no such thing as OTT in a show like this! There were dancers in Cupcake inspired outfits (and I literally mean big cupcakes as a costume.) and dressed up as paint brushes and that is just the tip of the rainbow coloured iceberg. The three main characters are Drag Queens in, I guess, different stages of their performing career. The costumes reflect that, which is probably why the the younger twinky pixy-esque "Felicia" had just the most incredible outfits.
The Glittery Felicia outfit. Major loveage.
As he was first introduced he was dressed as an Angel completely in white with wings and the whole shebang, which he quickly discarded for a fun leather BDSM inspired Devil-esque outfit, obviously he wore very little along with his background dancers and let me just say did they (and especially he) have to most incredible bodies, I so dont want to know what exercise regime/diet they are on and I particularly hope they are on one otherwise that would just be a cock-slap in the face. Anyhoo another amazing costume was one that the Divas (three singing faboosh ladies.) wore towards the end of the show, it was again something white with feathers, a little angel-esque. Just amazing. But theres just so many more, like an outfit made out of thongs (and I mean flip-flop, just you know, using australian slaaaang.) and another outfit full on Hermes/Mercury glitter explosion with literally glitter covering the whole costume, think along the lines of Lady Gaga Bad Romances Alexander McQueen glittery outfit.
The Divas
Finale, simply Divine.

 I have been trying to get good pictures but been doing what I do best, failing at it. Theres about a million more amazing costume in the whole Show and every single one of them would be worth looking at in detail but I really dont want to drone on anymore than I already have (and I do realise that I have droned on, a lot.). However this show just literally inspired me to maybe be a little bit more daring, a little bit more colourful and mainly introduce a little bit more glitter and glamour into my life! And isnt that just nice? I would 100% recommend this show to anyone, except for third reich nazi german Aryans or KKK members but to be perfectly honest, even they would join in on the fun after about 10 minutes. You know why? Because it is that good. Boom. Done.

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