Sunday, 10 April 2011

Natalia Kills It.

Natalias new video for her song 'Wonderland'. Love the dark, sexy and slightly grotesque aesthetic approach she has to her work. At one point shes wearing those divine Dsquared2 skeletal-heel high heels. Such fun! I would.

Natalia Kills - Mirrors (video+download) von ninamasya

'Mirrors' such a tune and how amazing are those YSL hair heels? So much sexual energy going on in those videos.. think I might just open the window and enjoy this most beautiful sunday outside, get some fresh air and all.

Awesome remix of Natalias wonderland song. Generally not a massive drum'n'base fan but since so many of my friends eat that shit up I have been listening to it, without a choice obviously, so much over the last couple of years it has grown on me..

Love love


Mihiri said...

i love you

Mihiri said...

wait i don't get how the blog knew my name?! spooky..