Saturday, 9 April 2011


Velvet rose with pheasant feathers.
I love the hats that we used in the show so much, I thought I'd share a couple of shots focusing on them. These hats are by JRF Rogue Milliner, the milliner that I have previously mentioned. He makes the hats using 'ethical fur', ie. fur from roadkill, vintage stores, thrown away pieces etc. same goes for the feathers.
Decaying zombie show girls hat. Love Love Love.
Janus inspired hat.
It is really quite extraordinary, the creative energys that go into making these hats, they are so imaginative and interesting. I personally love all things feathers and I am most definitely not opposed to fur, however I do oppose farming for fur. Arent all the hats stunning? They are all unique pieces as well... obviously good to know no-one else is going to be wearing your extravagant hat.. that would be awkward.

This hat has black iridescent cockerel feathers attached to it on the left on this picture, it doesnt come out properly but its a cool picture anyway.
Its like a Lions mane, spectacular!
Four Fox Sake, 4 fox heads and loads of ostrich and pheasant feathers. Its mine. Like actually. Bahhhahaa.

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