Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Offbeat news + graphic t-shirt = T-post

I just subscribed to the coolest "magazine" everrrr. It's called T-post, every 5 weeks they pick a random news article and send it to a different artist. This artist then creates an image or design based on the article and sends it back to T-post, which makes the image into a t-shirt! the original article is silk screened on the inside of the t-shirt. It cost €19 per shirt and is printed on american apparel t-shirts so is good quality. Can't wait for my first one! xx
Let’s say you were a in a band over 40 years ago. And at the peak of your musical career, in 1969 to be exact, you put out a chart-topping single—one that earned a prestigious Grammy Award. Fame and fortune would be yours, if only for Warhol’s predicted 15 minutes...
p.s. once again why does Sweden have the coolest things!!
p.p.s. look at all these fucking hipsters, love it


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