Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lexi McQueen and I.

Theres a lot of things I could say about Alexander McQueen (and big shocker it's not Lee McQueen unless you knew him, don't you think its a little pretentious to go around writing about him by his real name even though one only ever knew him as Alexander McQueen?), like how he affected fashion, his master tailoring and cutting, the trends he created and other general things but at the end of the day, all of that has been written about in so much detail I will never even reach an adequate level, and you know what? Thats okay. I am just going to write a little something on how he affected me and my fashion in my world.
Alexander McQueen Sunglasses Advertisement. Skull plus Snake print. A to the Mazing.
I am the first one to admit I have not always been interested in fashion and I have had some disastrous moments in my life (Taryn and I will soon start putting up our own little shoots so you will be able to judge for yourself.) but in my last year in school (and by school I mean High School/Sixth Form.) I started to become a little bit more interested. There wasn't really any reason for it, I just started being more aware of how I looked and what I liked I guess, probably a little late but hello its me we are talking about!! Anyhoo so when I started uni I was suddenly bombared with so many different peoples style and looks, it was just incredible! I had kind of tried my own thing but it was very down played (for me anyway, but even then I think I was a bit more out there than most others, well at my university guys wander around in their tracky bums sooo.. not really much to compete with) but it was just so interesting to see so many different looks on things. Around that time I started to notice fashion bloggers and soon followed BagaholicBoy, BryanBoy and KateLovesMe religiously and I saw an Alexander McQueen fashion show online (obviously.) for the first time.
Fall Winter 2009, the Hat, the Lips, the Jacket. Beyond.
Perfect example of how the whole outfit just works. Each piece individually might be difficult to work with but McQueen was all about creating specific looks. I love.
It was the Fall/Winter 2009 show and I was just so intrigued. The insanely overdrawn lips that made the models look Drag Queeney/Mannequiney, the unusual (to me anyway) runway and the strong poses and last but not least the clothes themselves, I have never been a fan of dogtooth desing but the way he cut the coats and gowns was simply spectacular! Plus McQueen and his team integrated M. C. Escher-esque prints in some pieces which just worked so well as they just gave the gown and dress, in this case, a whole 'nother dimension, which I just loved. A lot. This collection basically sparked my interest in McQueen and due to his fantastic website I was able to watch most of his runway shows and I was just so impressed and fascinated by the shear creativity he portrayed.
Escher inspired Gown and Dress modeled by Karlie Kloss and Anastasija Kondratjeva. Divine.
It was simply put beyond. Beyond any little Prada obsession I might have had in the past (come on Spring/Summer 2008 was pretty fantastic!) and beyond any other fashion crush I have had till then (I do admit those Rad Hourani slashed leather trousers were or still are rather cool..). I was excited about his Spring/Summer 2010 show and when Lady Gaga decided to show a snippet of her then to be released single Bad Romance I was estatic for about two minutes because I re-remembered that the show was on and then just annoyed because the website crashed and I couldnt watch it online. But when I did get to watch it I fell in love instantaneously. The prints, oh my god the beautiful prints! I am still in love, nearly a year later! I pretty much decided there and then I needed to get something from that collection so the obsession took its course. I thought it would be most appropriate (for whatever reason, my mind works in wondrous ways... not sure thats a good thing but oh well its the only mind I have.) to get some snake print leggings.
Not my favourite picture of Kaia Struss but the print and the dress are just perfection. I was/am craving leggings in this print so so much.
This is possibly my favourite dress in the whole collection! The cut in combination with the print is just divine, it looks absolutely marvelous on the runway.
 That didnt happen immediately, mainly because I was a bit reluctant with the hefty price tag it came along with but then spring/summer arrived and I found the leggings, god forbid, in a sale!! I was so thrilled! So I bought them in the middle of my exam period and they should have arrived the day I had my last exam in May. However there was a bit of a problem as the shop actually sold them in the store at the same time and they didnt update their website and I ended up not getting them and it was all just stupid. I was so annoyed because I didnt have time to go down to London to get them. I was leaving for Spain straight after my exams/birthday. So when I got back to Hamburg after 3 weeks one of my close friends had her 21st in London so obviously I took that opportunity to head on over and go to the McQueen store to pick up my bad boys, unfortunately they sold out of the snake print leggings! Ahhh shock,horror. I know. Aweful. Anyhoo they did have the Pixelated Jellyfish leggings which I loved as well so I just got them, I had my own piece of McQueen magic! Wore them straight to the 21st and been in love with them eversince!
Ahhh the pixelated jelly-fish dress! I die. Plus check out the hair!!! I love these wing like alien hair-pieces!
This beetley beauty is just stunning and those Armadillo heels are incredible.
Love the gothic rose print and the 3/4 dress. Very cleverly cut.
I love love love the trousers/leggings on this one, they remind me of a shark/ray/something like that. Its very alien-esque and just incredible.
But anyway McQueen, to me, is not just about those leggings even though it might seem like it, it was just through these leggings that I really got into his creativity and started to look at the his creations in more detail. He had such an inspiring and creative look on things and the way he had a story to each season was just simply nice, its good to have a direction and he sure as hell made sure he had a direction in every single season. He made me so much more interested in fashion and I can honestly say, if it wasnt for him and his spectacular shows I can't be sure whether I would have been this into fashion. Thank you Alexander McQueen for inspiring me and providing me with enough material to dress up in for the next 10 years. May you rest in peace.
My friends 21st was a dress up theme so being me I just went all out for a McQueen theme and wore the leggings and tried to get my hair to look like the hair they had in the runway show. Kind of ended up looking like a mixture of the runway hair and Lady Gaga in Telephone with the diet Coke cans in her hair. Fail, but I liked it anyway.


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David this is the best post yet!! absolutely amazing, bisous!

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Very interesting post. I'm crazy about McQueen and hearing your perspective is great.

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