Monday, 6 September 2010

Insomniac nights

I couldn't sleep last night, I was fortunately/unfortunately caught up in a never ending (literally) swirl of inspiration. And it all started once upon a time with my re-watching of the neverending story...
which obviously lead me to thinking about my other favourite childhood films that contain grotesque/malformed puppets interacting with ill-informed children with some sort of connection to David Bowie (clearly a niche market exists for everything) bringing me to: Labyrinth
You remind me of the babe... what babe?... the babe with the power... what power?... the power of voodoo...who do?... you do... do what?... remind me of the babe
Which got me wondering: why did I only like freaky films as a child? and why was/am I scared of Disney films? (tell me Fantasia didn't make you shed tears... of horror). The conclusion I came to was: insanity.   
So taking my self diagnosis with full stride I stayed up all night (the obvious solution) and worked on the  collage in my bedrooms entrance which I started wayy too long ago. This is how it looks so far and I am quite proud!!
3 identical white doors, they look like they would rotate around you until you picked one, maybe they do

sorry about the insane picture overload but I just couldn't choose! I also tried gluing my old ballet shoe to the wall as you can see in one of the pics, but it has already fallen off, time to break out the glue gun! My old sound strips from my cinematography class and the necklaces are still hanging on though.

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