Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fashion Weeks Favourites So Far.

Starting off this little collection of my favourite looks so far, I want to share some of the pieces of Nana Aganovich, I hadn't heard of her before but I stumbled across her by pure chance. Being geeky and uber keen as I am, I was trying to figure out how long it would take to see Gareth Pughs show after it was on, I saw Aganovichs name as one of the first one of the Paris fashion week schedule, I just thought to myself "if its on already there is a good chance that Pughs show will be on pretty quick after its on.". So I checked out her show and beside realising it was already on the web (so there was hope that it wouldn't take long for the Pugh show to come online (there was me praying)) I actually liked what I saw. The way she deconstructs the shape and works with two dimensional (or so it seems.) layers appealed to me. Simple as that.
three layers n top. love. carrot-shaped-esque trousers, normally I am not the biggest fan, in this case they work though.
Whats not to love? Its like a patch-work of three outfits. I like this, a lot.
Not too sure about the neck-line but beside that, isn't it just a refreshingly different take on things?

Next up is the all mighty Roberto Cavalli. Generally it is not really my type of fashion, I prefer weirder things, this collection really blew me away. The 70s inspired tassel-to-the-max snake-skin naughty cowgirl-esque show was just so cool. Those trousers look like they have been stitched onto the model, leaving those vertical not quite cuts, more extra wide seam? Anyway regardless of what it is called, you will know what I mean and I think it looks really cool. Obviously only about 5 girls will be able to wear it without looking like a turd but thats okay. The over-the-top embroidery and tassels are really something that when told about, sounds awful but it works. It looks effortless chic and it has that tiny little bit ethnic feel to it as well. One of my favourite collections.
Those skin tight ever so slightly flairey trousers are just too cool.
I love this jumper so so much.

Christopher Kane and Donatella Versace team up to resurrect the Versus line. The play with patterns and colours is too cute, I like what they have done. It's not incredible but definitely like-able.
This dress is definitely an eye-catcher, but for all the right reasons I find. Its daring, different and interesting. Perfect combination, no?
Again who knew that this combination of prints would work? This is not incredible but definitely like-able.

From one Italian power house (Versace) to the next, Prada. Very neon, very hospitaley with a twist that reminds of Miu Mius Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Instead of pussys and swallows (a innuendo which was kind of funny yet kind of disturbing.) its monkeys and bananas. I do like what they have done in the shoulder shape department the upside down U shape is a definite like for next summer.
The cute print, the crop tops shape, the colours, the shades, I like. The shoes, I am not too sure about yet. Gotta see better pictures first.
I am still quite unsure about this one. I can't exactly pin point why but I just like it. maybe its the crop top with a body-con-esque high waisted skirt that just works. Oh and the shades, too cool, right?

Trussardi 1911s Milan Vukmirovic designed a couple pieces that I thought, were rather special. I definitely like.
Has a bit of an McQueeney vibe to it, maybe that's why I like it.
The drapeing on the dress, the shape, the flowerey bow, the colours. Not really new but I like never the less.
Jacket and Bag. Boom.

Last but not least we have Mr. Armani himself, whose collections theme was the night sky over the sahara. I love that theme and he did have some nice pieces but I think to me, and I am not doubting the creative genius that he clearly is, I like the idea of it more than the actual result. There's one look which caught my eye though.
Never mind the head-gear/turbaney hat, the little dress/top is wonderful.
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geezi said...

Everything that has happened in fashion in the past one year somehow keeps taking me back to the Alexander McQueen's superb collection before his death. What do you think?