Sunday, 22 August 2010

Just getting started.

Yesterday Taryn and I (David) had lunch at a little Italian restaurant and for no reason what so ever, spontaneously, decided to start a Blog about our little fashion obsessions. Fashion is one of our favourite guilty pleasures, along with reading trashy magazines, Glee, Lady Gaga (I mean come on, what's not to love?),, going out to one too many brunch/lunch/dinner gatherings and of course end of season sale shopping!! (I mean who can resist a good old 50% off in.. well anywhere really, right?! Of course it doesn't hurt that theres sales on almost all year around..) 
This little online diary is really just for us to get our ideas and whatever people mean by creativity down and of course to take beautiful or possibly not so beautiful pictures of ourselves and anyone we can blackmail into standing still, looking really hungry and posing like its going to get them laid, for a minute or two. So on that note, good luck to ourselves and we shall be back with pictures, stories and the whole shebang very soon!

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